John Toone Address

John Toone Address

When Elder Alfred Cordon was in England on his second mission he was President of the Warwickshire Conference. He was released on Sunday, September 1, 1850. Elder John Toone had the following words to say:

Dear Brother Alfred Cordon,
President O. Pratt hath counselled thee to leave thy present situation, and to make thy journey once again across the mighty deep, to transact business appertaining to the Church and Kingdom of God. We acquiesce and quite approve the blessed appointment, for in obedience to the commands of God you will be blessed. You are a blessed man in being a messenger of truth and righteousness, as thousands yet will testify in your behalf, for in due time and course all things transpire aright. When we reflect upon the lonely situation in which you found us, and the wonderful things that have transpired ; in this, so short a time of our acquaintance, we, with reluctance say, go home dear Alfred, to the bosom of thy family, but this event will cause the breaking forth of many a tear. When we reflect and take a retrospective view of your past labours, your diligence and watchfulness to build up Zion, by aiding her with converts from this land of our nativity, we will unite to bless you in the name of Israel’s God, and pray for you a speedy journey to the happy land where dwells the Zion of our God, amid the mountains and the deep ravines of the great and everlasting hills. And when you get into the bosom of the Church of God, do tell the Lion of the Lord, that kindred spirits are anxious, yea, all on tiptoe waiting for the joyous word and conformation when we may all be gathered, and be united in corporeal bands upon the mountains or in the plains, as seemeth fit to him who rules above, beneath, around ; whose power is all omnipotent, and in whom the Saints of Latter Day confide. Tell our brother Brigham when you see him how we want the gladsome hour to come, when all the Saints of God shall be brought home. Then we doubt not that he again, as prophet of the Lord, will bow the knee before the throne of him who is almighty, and bear us up before the Lord with earnest supplication, that the time may soon be here when Ephraim’s sons shall all be gathered to the Lands of their inheritence, and there enjoy the blessings which old Jacob placed upon the head of Ephraim when Joseph brought his sons before him to be blessed. There are many things we want to know as Englishmen, but suffice it for the present. Dear Alfred, the Saints in Warwickshire will feel your loss at present, but we despair not, for we know in whom we have believed, that he is able to defend his own whatever power opposes, and we testify to all around, that we have found the Church and Kingdom of the living God. And without doubt we certify, for our eyes have seen, our ears have heard, and our hands have handled of the word of life.

The entire proceedings of the conference can be read here: Report of Warwickshire

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  1. WOW ! I love to read this letter – again and again ! I found a Direct Descendant of John Toone – He ives in Farmington, Utah

    I talked to him on the Phone – and he is a nice guy ! asc: