Alfred Cordon Missionary Tract 1841

Alfred Cordon Missionary Tract 1841

Report of Warwickshire

Report of Warwickshire Conference

Alfred Cordon Family – Cattle Brand

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  1. I have information on Alfred Cordon, that apparently you don’t have, on the pedigree line, going way bay to the 1500’s. I had done research when i found out he was married to my grandmother Rachel Ann. My Paternal grandfather was Reao Charles and his father was Great Grandfather Charles Sampson Herold. It’s Great Great Grandfather ,Robert William Herold, whom I could never find any trace of after he left home. I am 61 and the oldest of 4 girls and I would be so pleased to hear of anything you have. My sister Norma Ryan lives in Utah and will attend the event celebrating his dedication of the SW cornerstone of the SLK City Temple. Unfortunately, I live in Nampa, Idaho an dwill not be able to go to Utah until the 6th of July. It’s just such a travesty, that I should miss such a momentous day by just a week!

  2. Please forgive me. I made a terrible error because I got so excited and did not check everything I had written. The correction is Emma parker was his wife, from whom I am a descendant. And Rachel Ann Cordon was married to Robert William Herold. Sampson Cordon born in England in 1797 and Myrah Hampson born in England , in the same year, were Alfred’s parents. My granddaughter, in Utah, has been borrowing , my pdeigree chart for young women. Since I joined the church, in 1989, I was new at keeping records and did not know the importanc of sending them to SLK City. I have to get them from her and then send you the rest of the info on the Cordon line.

    • Thank you for your comments. It’s too bad you won’t be in town. Stay tuned to the website as we will be announcing a way to join the meeting remotely.

      I have spoken with Ted Thomas and he has given us more on the Herold line. I hope to add it to the website soon.

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