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Alfred Cordon was a early member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints being baptized on June 30, 1839 in Manchester, England.

This website is dedicated to his life with the purpose of documenting his history and many accomplishments.

In June of 2013 we celebrated the 160th anniversary of Alfred Cordon dedicating the Southwest cornerstone of the Salt Lake Temple. If you would like to be informed of upcoming events please join the mailing list or join the discussion on FaceBook.

facebook logoCome join and invite your families!

Below is the postcard for the June 2013 event.


Alfred Cordon June 29th Mailer

-Tyler Thorsted

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  1. Alfred Cordon had 13 surviving children and 90 grandchildren. We are trying to organize family line champions. So far we have found 16 volunteers to gather names, addresses, Emails so we can contact cousins for the June 29 reunion. Thanks for all you work to find cousins. We need more help if you have the time. Thanks, Steve

  2. I am the grandaughter of Howard Baddley’s who is the son of Priscilla Lowe Baddley’s who is the daughter of Emma Cordon Lowe the daughter of Alfred Cordon..

  3. I am the great great great granddaughter of Alfred Cordon, I am of mixed race heritage. I believe his son, Arthur Edmund Cordon is the father of Robert Clyde Cordon, father of Clyda Joy Cordon, who is my mother’s mom!!! 🙂 nice to meet some distant relatives.

  4. I am the g-grandson of Horace Herbert Cordon and Sarah Estella Cole. Leaving for Georgia for a year. A post metioned a reunion on June 29, anyone have details?

    • Hi Robert!

      Welcome to the website. Thank you for leaving a comment. We are planning a family gathering on June 29th in Salt Lake City. More information will be posted to the website soon.

      -Tyler Thorsted

    • Robert,

      I too come through Horace Herbert Cordon. His daughter, Zina Roberta Cordon was my great grandmother. Which child do you come through?

      Jeran Farley

  5. Hi Everyone. I tried the DNA thing that Ancestory.com does. I had my brother and I each do it as the women will show the female lines and the man will show the male lines. It was interesting to see the heavy English influence we had… Has anyone else tried it?

  6. Alfred Cordon Family Association 2013 – A Brief History

    After the Cordon Family Reunion at Willard, August 2012, our cousin Alfred S Cordon was invited to a meeting of Pioneer Family Associations. Alfred invited Tyler and myself to join him. We met at the This is the Place Park several times with other Pioneer Family representatives (Smith, Young, Woodruff, Kimball). We were challenged to rejuvenate our Cordon Association.

    We started with a vision of holding a Grand Reunion this year with hundreds of descendants. However, Bishop Alfred Cordon had 90 grandchildren. The Ralph Cordon/Annie Shumway family has been holding Cordon Reunions for decades but they represent only ten of the 90 lines.

    We re-adjusted our vision and decided to scale back the gathering. We still want to recognize the 160th Anniversary of the dedication of the SW Cornerstone of the Salt Lake Temple. We decided to focus our efforts on two things: Find champions for each of the 90 lines and create the foundation of an Alfred Cordon Family Association.

    We appreciate all the efforts by our champions and other Cordon cousins. There is still a great deal of work to do.

    Thanks for your Support!

    Steve Thorsted

  7. I will not be able to attend the reunion but am interested in finding out how to see the broadcast on the web.
    I also have the information for myself to add to my mother’s (Margaret Smith Callister )family. How do it do it?

    • Grace,
      We will announce the details of a internet broadcast when we get closer to the date of the reunion. Steve will email you details on adding to your family line. Thank you!

  8. I have been so excited to come to the big reunion, but will probably not make it as my husband has been in the hospital and very sick.(Now getting better)/ Can I please be added to the list for the broadcast? Would love to hear all about it and receive any information that is available. Will send money, just need to know what will be available and how much. I come from the Omer Samuel Cordon line, I am his granddaughter, and Bill Peck is my cousin. Patricia Cordon Hales

  9. Looking forward to events next week.

    I have updated the Rachel A Cordon-Herold family line on the Ancestry website. You may want to now add Robert William Herold (abt 1840 – unk) as the second husband to Rachel A Cordon here on this website.

    Together they had three chidren:
    1) William Theodore Herold (1880-1948)
    2) Charles Sampson Herold (1881-1918)
    3) Rosabella Herold (1885-1917)

    Ted Herold-Thomas

  10. I have just become aware of this site by a second cousin. I am the Grand Daughter of William Theodore Herold and the daughter of Reao Richard Herold. Please add me to the broadcast list.

  11. So happy to have found this website and create connections! I am the descendant of Alfred+Emma–Edwin Parker–Eliza Elmira–Floyd Edwin–Floyd James–Dennis James. My GGG Grandpa on my Mother’s side was John Toone. I am very interested in the relationship between Alfred Cordon and John Toone. The story of Brother Toone’s conversion is a very special one to me. I LOVE family history!!

    • Welcome! Always glad to meet a new cousin! That is really neat that you are connected to Alfred and John Toone. We have some great info on their relationship, they were very close in England. I have met a couple of his descendants here in Utah.

  12. Hi! I am a descendent of Alfred Cordon through the following line: Alfred Cordon – Emma Cordon Lowe – Priscilla Lowe Baddley – Edythe Baddley Donaldson – Marilyn Baddley Donaldson Kelly – me, Paula Kelly Caryotakis. Would love to be on the mailing list for future events. So would my mom who has many fond memories of visiting the farm in Willard while growing up! Thanks!

  13. Hi I am not a direct descendant of Alfred Cordon but a descendant of his brother, Edward Cordon. But I am interested in him as I find him very interesting. I do not know why he is famous or much about him except that he was born in Liverpool and moved to the USA. Can you please email he his story? As I am very interested, Thanks Harry.

  14. My great grandma is Alfred Cordon’s great granddaughter !! AH! I have the wonderful opportunity to serve in the Manchester England Mission starting Jan. 1st for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and knowing my great great great grandfather’s history there i am extremely exited to do my best to follow in his steps in creating the kingdom of God in England !

  15. To whom it may concern. My name is Clive Cordon, and I am in South Africa. My grandfather Rudolf Ferdinand Cordon, was born in the Western Cape area of South Africa, not too far from Cape Town. I am interested to know if any one knows of any Cordons having immigrated to South Africa during the 1800’s, or perhaps came to South Africa as a soldier.

  16. I’m Curtis Cordon, my father and grandfathers are David, Forrest and Charles. I believe Alfred is my 5th great grandfather. I now have a son named Forrest as well. I’m in England currently and would love to visit some of the smaller cities the Cordons originate from prior to moving to Liverpool. Does anyone know? I’ll gladly post pictures of churches locations.

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