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I am aware of 8 Journals written by Alfred Cordon. There is a large gap from 1851 to 1868 in which no journal was kept or they have been lost. We hope the journals are out there in an attic just waiting to be re-discovered for the family and Church Historians to enjoy.

Below are PDF’s of the handwritten journals, taken from microfilm provided by the Church History Library. Also available on their website catalog. MS 1831

Volume 1: Feb. 28, 1817 to Jun 6, 1840
Volume 2: Jun 6, 1840 to Aug 24, 1841
Volume 3: Aug 25, 1841 to Jun 10, 1844
Volume 4: Jun 11, 1844 to Oct 25, 1848
Volume 5: Oct 29, 1848 to Nov 26, 1849
Volume 6: Nov 26, 1849 to Mar 6, 1850
Volume 7: Mar 8, 1850 to Sept 17, 1850
Volume 8: May 4, 1868 to Oct 21,1868

Edwin Cordon Letter

Transcription of all 8 VolumesThanks to JenaVee Cordon Smith

Abridgment of Alfred Cordon’s Journals

The journals of Theodore Turley, served in England With Alfred Cordon.

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  1. We have the combined journals that are typed out. Is there anyway you can add that onto the website? We have a CD that you could download.

    • Becky, there is a link on this journal page to download the typed journals. I was given the file from JenaVee Cordon Smith. Is your file the same?

  2. I made the CD’s way back in the day. Ida Victoria Cordon Hubbard. She is my great-great grandmother. She died in 1918 of influenza.

    You will want to add the “crossing the plains” journals of Alfred Cordon. He was captain of a group that crossed in 1851. James Cummings is the recorder.

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